Earliest Radio Broadcasts in Canada

And the Americans thought they were first!

Interesting article on early Canadian broadcasting...  https://www.waybacktimes.com/history/canada-invented-commercial-radio-100-years-ago/ 


"At 9:50 o'clock Thursday evening, a perspiring audience which thronged the assembly hall of the Chateau Laurier listened with rapt attention to a song being transmitted to them by means of some mysterious mechanism which they made no pretense at comprehending. It was nonetheless true that 'before their very eyes' a veritable miracle was being evolved and that wireless telephony was an accomplished fact. The sound emanating from the strange mechanism was that of an ordinary gramophone over a hundred miles away in Montreal, and though far from distinct was sufficiently pure to be recognized as that of a gramophone. Later a human voice singing at the Marconi wireless telegraph station at Montreal could be heard quite clearly...."


Imagine how important early broadcasting was to the rural community in Alberta!